Ilford, GB
Joined Sep 2017

I am a photographer, videographer, creative director and editor, self-taught in Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One Pro and Final Cut Pro.

I strive to be unique in my creativity and to differentiate my style from my fellow photographers, therefore for the past two - nearly 3 - years I have worked on building up my brand name, EazyVisuals, to be recognised as a name associated with my innovative style and which has become my unique selling point. Though I have become known for my work with female models, I also have an extensive portfolio in other subject areas such as landscapes, product shots and lifestyle. My work has been well received on social media. Whilst I am a big fan of natural light shoots, I have become very experienced in studio environments, learning how to use lighting to communicate mood and emotion.

  • Creative Direction
  • Visual Effects
  • Action Photography
  • Photography
  • Product
  • Portrait
  • Digital Retouching
  • Video Editing
  • Video Grading
  • Video Production