Southampton GB March 2017

I am a 23 years old Eastern European with an interest in photography, writing and karaoke. I'm fairly good with the first two, (feel free to imagine me dusting my shoulder) and rubbish with the latter. Let's just say that I could smash some windows Black Canary style...if I try.

Now, I know you're here to check my skills. Hopefully you'll be impressed, in awe, absolutely flabbergasted and you'll yell ''EUREKA'', causing your co-workers to frown at you (or your pet to freak out). I apologize.
If your reaction is the opposite, do understand that I'd hate to put a frown on your face and it really breaks my heart to make you cry from disappointment.
Please don't cry.

Anyway, some of my other skills are:

-a rudimentary understanding of Spanish
-a complete understanding of Romanian
-counting in German, as well as knowing how to pronounce very long words, and I'm your person if you want to sing the first verse of ''O Tannenbaum''
-guaranteed artsy it's-transcendent-you-can't-understand look, as a person and in my artistic output (doesn't that sound fancy?)
-mean baking skills

In the end, I'm grateful that you took some time to read all this.

Have a great day!
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