London, GB
Joined Jul 2016

Dmitrij Vasilenko is a Law school and Fashion Photography graduate. After discovering his talent he left legal practice and focused on creative field and visual art. Today he is a published talented fashion photographer and retoucher, who have collaborated and worked with many fashion designers during his travels through Europe and Asia. While backpacking in South East Asia Dmitrij finished and submitted his dissertation “Digital Photography Rediscovering Quality”, which he successfully defended during panel presentation at Falmouth University. Motivated by Creative Director and Founding Art Director of Elle Magazine UK Clive Crook who complimented his sense of aesthetics and feel of quality Dmitrij went to South Korea where he photographed his final work and later with his colleagues have crowdfunded over ten thousand pounds towards exhibition in London at Hoxton Gallery. At the moment he is preparing for his master’s degree in philosophy and aesthetics of art.

  • Photography