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Calgary, CA
Joined Jan 2018

I'm a 'mostly' self taught graphic designer, artist and maker. I first began drawing and designing back in the late 90's when I needed merchandise for the bands I played in. Eventually I was doing posters, sticker and album cover designs for other local musicians on a casual basis.
In 2016-17 I went to Reeves College in Calgary where I learned more about the Adobe CS software, typography, branding, and web design.
With the advent of consumer 3D printing, I've found yet another way to express my creativity and hone my design skills in a whole new dimension.
Crowd Culture 3D & Design (Cc3D) is about 2 things. The first is to create cash flow from commissions and item sales. The second is to make relationships and partnerships with other local merchants (via online community on my website and social media) to trade skills and share ideas, thus strengthening the position of all involved. I'd like Cc3D to be known as the place to go when you have a project idea, but you don't know where to start.
My goal for the future is to have a small shop selling supplies for 3D printing and art while taking consulting, design and project commissions