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College Station, US
Joined Oct 2019

I am D. Hrothgar, a Texas-based Print Media Artist who creates album designs, t-shirt styles, posters, and graphics. I am presently a Multi-Media art student at Sam Houston State University in my last term of school and am about to finish with my bachelor’s in art. I use diverse media content such as photography, collage, and illustration to help companies produce the strongest original graphics required to communicate to their market. I am the founder of Hrothgar Design Studio working with various clients ranging from the music industry to the package design industry designing packaging, editorial layouts, and merch packs. I have also worked for gaming studios such as Triseum designing and branding games. I have had many years learning and experimenting with diverse styles of art from printmaking (linocuts, etches, and transfers), photography (digital, film, and collage), illustration (conventional and digital) and graphic design finding that for an artisan with such an extensive skill set my strength exists in creative direction and execution. Overall, my service as an artist is to provide the highest quality and most creative concepts for any project, my love is in the design and my passion is for the consumers who get to experience the art.

With whatever creative endeavor you need, I hope we work together soon.

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D. Hrothgar

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Layouts & Creative Directions

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This is a collection of my layouts, creative directions, and artistic abilities.

Watkins Media
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The Weeknd
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Creative direction
Aphotic Contrivance
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