Liverpool GB November 2016
We are Küla: a collective of multi-disciplinary, independent creatives, working together to deliver amazing results.

Sometimes being a freelance can feel like you are living in a Smiths song. The self-doubt, the isolation, the shyness that is criminally vulgar and the occasional vicar in a tutu. This can stifle the joy of being creative and can teeter you on the edge of being a right miserable git. Küla was born out of shared packets of crisps, disgruntled moaning and, most of all, out of a yearning to be better. We wanted to be better at being the creative, unique, surprising, inspired individuals we fundamentally were. Our frustrations fed our imaginations and we got excited thinking of the kind of work we would love to be part of and the kind of gang we would want to do that work with.

We asked ourselves, what if we collected together freelancers who felt like us and everyone brought their own style and perspective to a brief? What if our creatives were carefully selected, assessing portfolios and working styles to determine how suited candidates are to the way we collaborate - no tyrants, no passengers. What if were all given opportunity to creatively lead a project depending on our suitability to the work? What if our aim was to deliver beautiful, effective results for our clients and both sides enjoyed the experience? What if we were honest, communicative, encouraging, enthusiastic, inspired, approachable and very proud of our work?

What if we called our collective Küla?
  • Brand Development
  • Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Hand Lettering
  • Illustration
  • Logo Design
  • Murals
  • Print Design
  • Typography
  • Merchandise Design