• Photography
  • Director of Photography
  • Digital Retouching
  • Video Director

Manon et Jacob

london, GB
Joined May 2017

Manon et Jacob are a filmmaking and photographic duo.

If only it were that simple.

Once upon a time we were working independently in the creative industries, shooting for a multitude of brands. With international exhibitions, TV commercials, editorial and digital content under our belt… things were pretty good.

Until we stumbled across one another’s work. At this point either jealousy or camaraderie had to kick in. So we met, all smiles but with fingers on triggers held under the table. Success! Soon we were inseparably editing each other’s work.

In early 2018, Manon et Jacob was formed, using our existing bodies of work to pave the way for a new aesthetic.

Now we work with brands, musicians and fashion houses, creating campaigns and developing identities with photography and film.

We’re all about shooting people unconventionally.

We tell real stories in an offbeat manner, ever-searching for the exuberant, radiant beauty in all we capture for print, content, editorial and advertising.

It is that simple.