Max Lovell

Joined Aug 2015

Max Elliot Lovell has been working professionally as a videographer and photographer for the last 6 years, and has worked within a wide range of different styles. He has plied his trade in over 40 countries and this list is still expanding

Max graduated from Kingston University with an honours degree in Film and proceeded to freelance as a photographer and cinematographer in different parts of the world for 3 years. His career has varied from short films and music work to fashion editorials and studio shoots, but he specialized in documentary/photo journalism. For months at a time he would document people and cultures off-the-beaten-track as both fine art and photo stories for print based editorials.

He has developed a taste for graphic design and is very fluent in Photoshop, Lightroom and video editing.

As a freelancer, he has now taken time to bring his personable approach and photographic experience to the world of music aswell as travel, as he has a passion for working with the exciting characters that one often finds within the music business. His passion for photography has sent him all over the world, meeting the local people from all walks of life deep within the countries they live, and now he continues to strive to create the perfect product for every client he meets, whilst still doing overseas work in his downtime.

He loves creating work specific to the client and has a huge stock of photography from around the world. The Portfolio will contain examples of Travel stories, Documentary work all the way to examples of Album art work and musical artist content. Max is available to do do music, photoshoots, videos, album and EP artwork, logos, along side photo documentaries and travel stories for print and online with photography more often than not.

  • Photography
  • Visual Journalism
  • Video Director
  • Travel
  • Graphic Design
  • Feature Writing
  • Cinematography
  • Brand Development