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Sevenoaks, GB
Joined Aug 2016

Thanks for popping by, my name is Michael Tempest and I like to make websites. I currently live in London, UK. I have been fortunate to work with some of the largest brands in the world including Apple, Google, Youtube and Facebook.

I have been building / designing websites professionally for around 9 years now. Working as both a freelancer and within full time positions. I am quite happy to take lead roles in projects as I do have a lot of experience in doing so. I have been developing with JavaScript for around 7 years, using a vast array of frameworks and libraries.

I am a self trained hand letterer which is one of my passions, along with photography and design. I like to combine all of these techniques to create unique and long lasting pieces of work. I have a strong belief that everything should work in black and white, before you move on to embellish it with colour and shade.