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Mira Varg

London, GB
Joined Oct 2016

My work revolves around creating abstract and surreal imagery, sculptures and installations, through experimental techniques and methods. Through combining objects and symbols, of which the outside world would not think to link, I create my alternative universe. I have often asked myself; why we care to escape reality, why we need to create different worlds, and why are we never satisfied with the one where we stand.
On further thinking, I realise that all of these worlds are still connected, and together make our complete reality as we know it.

One of my main influences has been the Bauhaus approach and philosophy of the arts. I have been directly influenced by the theories and ideologies of Walter Gropius, one example that has had a profound effect on my approach is Gropius Bauhaus’ Manifesto of 1919. I can closely identify with Gropius’ arguments centred around the importance of craft and the unions of art.

Now, I have found my passion in immersive art installations, and want to create work which would play with the audience’s brain - I decided to unite my interests with my thesis in creating “Altered States of Consciousness”. My fascination with the human consciousness is never ending.

My universal aim across all of my artistic endeavours is to draw the importance of the connection created from my imagery and its viewers.