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Hugely experienced, massively talented and wildly versatile boundary-busting creative needs to be given things to do before I explode.

* Directed more than 10,000 hours of live broadcast television.
* Over 20 years of professional media production experience.
* Accomplished professional photographer with a great eye for an image.
* Began my media career at 18 years old, presenting my own show on pirate radio.
* The final in-house sound engineer at Fac51 The Hacienda; switched off the rig for the last time ever.

TV Career
To become a studio director I rose through the ranks at CNBC from transmission through technical operation, so not only do I know how the entire production chain works, I have every respect for everyone involved. No snooty treetop tantrums here.

Music has played a huge role in becoming who I am. In my teens I trained as a sound engineer and was quickly snapped up by Manchester's legendary venue Fac 51 the Hacienda. I worked there as the in-house soundman until its closure i 1997, putting me in the unique position of being the person to switch off the club's rigs off for the last time ever.

At just 18 years old, I was a pirate radio DJ, spinning hip-hop and soul and broadcasting across Manchester and surrounding areas. It was this which gave me my first experience in broadcasting and clinched me my first job in TV.

While freelancing as a studio director, I also worked as a stills photographer. My income was driven mainly by headshots commissions of actors and corporate board-members, but my portfolio also includes travel, cars, music, events and commercial images.

More recently I've been producing videos for the web that help businesses to sell bigger, sell faster and sell more.

And that's barely scratching the surface. Intrigued? Contact me today.

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  • Video Director
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  • Video Production