Royal Empire

June 2017
I’m a self-taught film maker/Director and editor.

I first started off as a Director of Photography in music videos, where I was in charge of everything from Storyboarding, producing, filming, directing and editing.

I have networking ties with Youtubers, well known photographers and award winning film makers.

In the last 6 months, I have participated in a project called Back In which is organised and run by Daniel Alexander Films (Multi Award Winning Filmmaker and the director the recent film of the BBC Commonwealth Games ( ) and Punch Records.

I have a short-film that will be screened on 4th of February at the Mocking Bird Cinema in Birmingham, worked on a few short-films and feature films as a DOP and Director. At the moment working on a feature as a DOP and I have been contracted a position as an Assistant Director on a £8M budget feature film, with shooting scheduled to start mid 2019.
  • Photography
  • Production Management
  • Director of Photography
  • Video Director
  • Video Editing
  • Video Grading
  • Video Production
  • Music Production