London GB April 2015
Based in London, Karyn Louise aka RUBYLDN fell in love with the bright lights of theatre, there was always a side interest in photography and finally in 2010 she took the plunge and followed the road to photography. She dabbled in different areas of photography before settling down into Fashion, Runway and portraiture photography while intertwining theatrical aspects. She had entered the Tiger Camera competition and was one of 50 winners who had her pictures featured in the Tiger Camera book which was sold in the Tiger shop. Karyn has also had her images printed and featured in smaller publications and blogs.
Working as a freelancer has enabled her to develop not only her photography skills, it has also developed Karyn's ability to quickly absorb a brief, adapt to varying work conditions and personality types while working quickly and efficiently. Working on numerous shoots and being part of a creative team, growing up she has realised the importance of having a team, "I can not do it all by myself and having a team helps to make an idea stronger in order to convey the client's message. I believe that on my photographic journey I will continue to grow and learn".
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