Rotherhithe, GB
Joined Aug 2016

A new earth has formed, plucked from the mind of a child and mixed in with the paper forgotten in the corner of studio. Delivered through diagrams and images founded in publications like The Living World and The Adventures of the South American Alps, we begin to see it for the first time. Like us, its familiarity is no longer for the protagonist, the Demi-God who once lived here 13 years ago. After a dangerous encounter with the cosmos, we are invited to join the voyage he wishes to take. And so we embark on something greater than a story; we begin the mythology.

Heavily inspired by grander themes characterized by Ovid’s Metamorphoses and The Epic of Gilgamesh, what will Samuel Petherbridge have in store for us? With floating mountains and overflowing rivers, it is suggested that this chapter of Samuel's work will not be easy to swallow.

For Samuel Petherbridge, Art became a major inspiration when taking lessons with painter, Tricia Gillman, where he was taught a variety of basic techniques like collage, drawing and painting. More recently he has assisted artists such as Jeremy Deller, Royal Academician Printmaker Eileen Cooper and New Sensations Saatchi Prize winner Jonny Briggs.

Petherbridge was also one of a few founders of an Art Collective called Endmor, which is now known at Art of Matter. During this time he had helped bring together other young visual artists who were enthusiastic and keen to exhibit their work, as he was. Collectively they organized several exhibitions around London, at spaces like Art le Cuna and Tower Bridge Studios. Currently he is working in Peterborough for 'Metal Culture' on a number of shows for artists in Residence, whilst developing further art in his studio.

Currently Petherbridge is focused on a mythology that he’s been building in the back of his mind since adolescence. The narrative has stemmed from personal experiences meeting a variety of unusual characters and the conversations they’ve touched on over time, for example; the ethics in biology, the stability of our planets and simply our own personal experiences of growing up. It is in this story where a lot of work is founded with a number of mediums.

  • Creative Direction
  • Illustration
  • Murals
  • Print Design
  • Painting
  • Visual Journalism
  • Visual Image Development
  • Scenic
  • Live Visuals
  • Print PR