Northampton, GB
Joined Jun 2015

Stuart MacCabe is an Illustrator, Designer, Doodler and Ewan McGregor lookalike.

He loves to draw; drawing is the source of all of his illustrations/designs. His creative interests span from not only illustration, but also typography, graphic design, logo design/branding, pattern design, music, video games and film.

His inspirations spur from the people around him, the things he watches and the things he listens to.

He is skilled in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

He also utilizes traditional mediums such as pencils, pens, inks and silkscreen-printing. He aims to apply a handmade/traditional aesthetic to his illustrations and designs.

Graduated from Norwich University College of the Arts in BA(Hons) Illustration in 2012.

Graduated from Barnfield College, Luton in Graphic Design and Multimedia in 2009.

Resides just outside of London.

Thanks for checking out his work. Go ahead and contact him about any potential work, projects and collaborations, he'd love to hear from you.