June 2018
I was born in Denver, Colorado but raised in New York City. Photography, along with music, is my passion, my art and my purpose. I was lucky enough to grow up in a very creative and artistic family. I really didn't get into photography until my teenage years when I became very influenced through my brother who, at the time, was working for Annie Leibovitz. My mother also worked in the art world, both for Christy's and Sotheby's auction houses. She was very instrumental in exposing me to many forms of art, especially those that excite me the most: Pop and Contemporary art.

I take a more artistic approach to photography, whereby a picture is really just a canvas to me. My work tends to lend itself to saturation and contrast. My pictures are sometimes more like prints than photographs. I enjoy trying to be different, so while it may make my work hard to categorize, I strive to be outside the box rather than inside it!
  • Creative Direction
  • Action Photography
  • Black and White
  • Commercial
  • Event
  • Nature Photographer
  • Photography
  • Travel