July 2017
I am a photographer and artist with a studio in East London.
All of my work is done in my studio, which often involves elaborate set building/decorating.
I have been concentrating on my Fine Art work lately, but as they often drag out over a long period, I love to work with creative musicians and shoot portraits in between.
  • Photography
  • Portrait
  • Timelapse
  • Lighting
  • Director of Photography
  • Video Director
willienash for Little Death Machine
EP and press photography for Little Death Machine
willienash for Johanna Glaza
Johanna Glaza is an up and coming artist based in London. The EP Albion is based on the Blake... more
willienash for Lamia aka Ellie Griffiths
Lamia is an up and coming artist based in Berlin. She came to London to do the photos for her EP... more
willienash for Johanna Glaza
I photographed Johanna Glaza on a few different sets to capture the surreal and airy mood of her... more