Joined Jan 2016

Zale-what? Exactly! We are the brave explorers of the digital jungle. The first computers made for usage at home were born exactly when we were. We grew up in the information society, and this is what we do at present, so that we can be a part of building the digital world.

We do DIGITAL ____________
Today, virtual interfaces are a part of our lives. The World Wide Web is now an important scene for the everyday contact between companies and their clients, and their mutual development. We provide professional sevices on this global sized sea of informations, with which we not only pave the way for long term successes, but also reveal new opportunities before our partnerts.
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We do CREATIVE ____________
In our fantastically quickly developing digital world, creation and development bear a new meaning for us. New tools and technologies are appearing, one after the other, with which we can continuously experiment. Thanks to this, we can help our clients not only exploit, but create those unique channels, with which they can reach out to, and can surely impress their target audience.
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  • Package Design
  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Cartoon Designer
  • iOS Development
  • Interactive Design
  • Interface Design
  • Android Development
  • Motion Graphics Design