Zoe-Leigh Jackson

ES July 2014
Zoe-Leigh Jackson
Born in Worcester, United Kingdom in 1992 and is Half-Thai editorial photographer and graphic illustrator working between Bath and London.
While growing up with a high interest and hobby in drawing, she began to produce photographic work at the age of 15 and carried it on into college in AS/A2 photography, before entering higher education to study BA(HONS) Photography and Digital Media. In 2013, she partook in an international exchange program at Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti (NABA) in Milan, Italy to study Graphic Design and Art Direction; from then her passion for illustration returned.
In 2014, she came into contact with SpottinStyle LTD to offer image and layout based services to provide for their website and relaunch in the Spring, and doing a creative internship as an illustrator for Wooly magazine mainly based in Tokyo, Japan.
The alias 'The Photographer in Red Lipstick' was created within the first 2 years of producing photographic artwork. Although many of her images are self-portraits, she brings about an certain aspect of anonymity to her audience. The fraction of ambiguity allows her to connect with people observing her work in deeper levels beneath what is exposed on the surface, where the atmosphere of her photographs touches upon the subject of subconscious emotions and the psychology of herself or the other. Now she is taking on the challenge of working as an Art Director within a commercial environment while still keeping in touch with her fine art roots.
  • Art Direction
  • Illustration
  • Photography