Alyx Ander "Wake Up For The Night"

Music video for Alyx Ander by dannydrysdale

Alyx Ander dannydrysdale

Artist Alyx Ander
Added 26 June, 2019 - 19:16

This video was comissioned through CC.  

The pitch was simple.  "Let's capture kids in their element doing interesting things that are difficult to plan, mixed with visuals that are staged to feel seamless with the 'story' of organic lifestyle."  We then added in a very talented young dancer who evolved her choreography with the song, going from ballet in a parking garage to a hip hop sequence outside of a train depot (and ending on ugly cars and dust) 

There is a fine balance between entertaining content through staged and "what comes naturally" situations.  All of the kids are doing their thing in the moment. 

The pitch also included a travel element where cool footage is gathered from different locations depending on where the director was traveling that month.