Liverpool GB December 2017
Isted is a director, editor, animator, VFX/3D Artist and post-contemporary storyteller. Isted has directed and designed innovative moving image work across a broad spectrum of music, commercial and non-commercial strands of the visual arts. Mass media clients include Coldplay, Paul Weller, Muse, Lenny Kravitz, Beady Eye, Warner Music, Sony Music and Parlophone Records.
Isted's work has been broadcast worldwide. Most noticeably through his work with Muse, reaching millions on the band's 2013/14 world tour. Currently his Madness 3D lyric video and tour visual has been viewed over twelve million times on Youtube.
Born 1985 in the North West, Mike Isted initially studied Fine Art at Liverpool John Moore's University, his distinctive approach to visual media nurtured within a maverick and progressive left-field climate unique to the University at that time. Isted later went on to complete a Master's degree in 3D computer animation, specialising in visual story telling through the medium of music.
Amongst his most notable works to date remain Muse's 2nd Law 2013/14 world tour visuals and series of 3D lyric videos, Beady Eye's Soul Love official video visuals, Lenny Kravitz's, The Chamber 3D lyric video and Luciano's (Cadenza Records) world tour visuals and live VJ performance's have received considerable global attention.
As displayed within his widely documented oeuvre, Mike Isted remains firmly committed to the pursuit of post-contemporary storytelling, whether it be through music videos, commercials, long format advertising or short film formats.
Coldplay, Muse, Lenny Kravitz, Warner Music, Sony Music, Ministry Of Sound, Luciano, Cadenza Records, Beady Eye, Calvin Harris/Rihanna, Paul Weller, Gorgon City, Disciples, Parlophone Records.
  • 3D Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Motion Graphics Design
  • Visual Effects
  • Animation
  • Live Visuals
  • Lyric Videos
  • Video Director
  • Video Editing
  • Video Production