Why should I add Projects?

There are many reasons why it’s worth the time spending an hour or so every month to keep your Projects fresh.

To begin with, it's the most effective way to make your Profile sparkle. A large number of creatives' profile pages on Creative Commission feature very few examples of their work and so this is your ideal foot-in-the-door when a commissioner from a major label, independent record company or artist manager comes looking for someone just like you.

Feedback from our recent meetings with commissioners in the music industry (we meet with lots of labels and managers each week) is that they'd like to see more examples of what creatives on our platform are capable of - so why not show off more of what of the type of projects you've recently created?


If you're an upgraded member of CC, you can use your Projects each time you apply to a Brief by attaching examples of your work to the Application. This will save you a lot of time when repeating the need to add similar examples to your Application. If you'd prefer to hide secret projects from the rest of the world then you can do so when adding a new Project.

Coming soon

It's all a bit top secret while we complete the final touches, but within the next few months we'll be vastly (and we don't mean that lightly) increasing the number of new opportunities available on Creative Commission for you to apply to by launching a new, pitch-free way for you to get more work. 

Projects is fundamental and at the heart of this new feature so we strongly advise you start to add yours in preparation for this. We'll let you know more ASAP on this.