Georges Kandé runs the music platform DiscoverNü, as well as managing and developing artists under its management division Nü Inc. Sound which manages artists such as HEN$HAW, Tom Did It, Tm & Remy, YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB, tmdistant and vi0let, as well as DJ's and producers wav.2000 and 6sezen. Georges has been working within music for the past decade, doing everything from events management, PR, to songwriting. The first few years, between 2010-17, he was balancing a full time job with music which he says 'was pretty challenging but I do love a challenge'.

Here's our recent chat with Georges to discuss his favourite recent campaigns and talk about the overlaps between visual creativity and music.

It wasn't until late 2017, when I decided to go full time and see where it might take me, and so far every year keeps getting better and better. Growing organically, just the way I like it. But this does come with its struggles, you know, financially, I fund everything myself, and luckily in the past 6/7 months most of the artists I manage are now signed under DMY Artists, and I honestly thank them for seeing the potential in the artists I manage and also the brand. Without that link, we would've struggled financially last year. My aim is to get these artists in a position where they can make a breakthrough and become successful, and also encourage many people that look like me to pursue their dreams and stay on the right path in life.

I'm currently building the platform DNü or DiscoverNü— it's a brand/music discovery platform focused on unsigned and emerging artists around the world. The style of music we feature is a little different to other platforms out there and I believe that really sets us apart from other platforms. DNü also has artist management division Nü Inc. Sound, there you'll find highly rated up and coming artists such as HEN$HAW, Tom Did It, Tm & Remy, YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB, tmdistant, vi0let, as well as DJ's and producers such as 6sezen and wav.2000. DNü Live is the events division which is currently on hold due to the ongoing pandemic. In the past we've curated some exciting gigs at venues such as Colours Hoxton, Camden Assembly and The Fiddler's Elbow. I'm also constantly connecting with new artists and providing most of them services such as PR and music consultancy, if they need it.


Creatively at the moment I'm loving everything about Tanérelle. Her image is visually striking, she's secretly empowering a lot of black women out there. Especially dark skinned women. I love everything about her and I really want her to win and gain more recognition. She has the potential to become an icon.


My all time favourite music video is probably Who Is It by Michael Jackson. I think as a kid, watching that music video, I remember thinking, damn I can't believe the one person you truly love could break your heart like that. So, in a weird way, I was already preparing for my own heartbreak! Well, I mean I was ready for it. I also think that music video is the reason why I became a huge fan of dark and psychological thrillers. David Fincher, the director of the music video, went on to direct and executive produce some of my favourite films and TV series' too— Zodiac, Gone Girl, Mindhunter and House of Cards.


I've always loved the album art for Can't Slow Down by Lionel Richie. I think it's its colour that really captivates me, and Lionel Richie just looks so cool and composed in it. 


The best creative campaign last year was SEVDALIZA. Everything about her campaign for her most recent album Shabrang has been amazing. The visuals have been captivating, the online gig she did was one of the best online gigs I have ever seen. I have a feeling her headline gig in April may be postponed, but if she ever performs in London or anywhere in the UK again, I highly recommend watching her.


The most recent brand collab that caught my eye was Tanérelle and Playboy. I wasn't expecting it. Wow, that's all.


For me the most creative and original music video of 2020 was Habibi by Iranian-Dutch artist SEVDALIZA. It was her directorial debut and in my opinion an outstanding debut. The cinematography was amazing. It's dark, just how I like it. It's just unreal, a masterpiece.


I wish I'd designed the artist logo for Nirvana. That's an iconic logo. Simple but effective.


The one artist you should follow on Instagram is Tanérelle, she's not only one of the most amazing emerging artists you'll discover after following her, she's also so genuine and passionate about her art. Like super passionate. I find that refreshing.


There's so many iconic music photos out there, it's hard to pick one. But I'll probably pick a Jimi Hendrix photo today, a Prince purple reign era photo tomorrow or even a Kurt Cobain photo the day after. Too many iconic photos out there to pick one in my opinion.

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