RMV Productions create trippy 360 lyric video for Imagine Dragons

RMV Productions were commissioned by Interscope Records to produce a unique lyric video for Imagine Dragons latest single 'Whatever It Takes'.

The brief was pretty open, but they wanted it to be based in some way on the album/single artwork they already had. As soon as I saw the weird black environment and glowing ring on the horizon I thought it would make a great 360 video. For a while now I've wanted to create something in 360 where the viewer has to look around a bit and do some work themselves in order to take it all in. This was the first project which came along where I thought the concept really fitted that kind of idea. I didn't want to do it just as a gimmick because 360/VR is the hot new thing...

We started by developing the art work the label supplied in Cinema4D, turning it into a 3D black glossy alien landscape. Then we animated the camera through the environment and add some extra bits of interest like the horses and lightning... Using C4D and After Effects this was developed into 360 with the lyrics and space field added.

As soon as the label saw the first previews they were into it, with the bands manager commenting "this is dope!" So we knew we were on to a winner.

Processing and rendering the whole thing was a bit of a challenge. But, thank god for cloud computing, we were able to rendering the finished animations with the help of an online render farm. (Taking hours instead of days!).

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