Boise, US
Joined Mar 2016

I have a deep passion for creativity. Whether it be through film, photography, music, poetry, painting, etc. I can engage in any form of art. One thing that I enjoy the most is helping people express their passion for their art form.

My passion for film and storytelling started with music. Music has been a constant in my life that I deeply care for. When I started getting into photography/film, I really wanted to help these bands express their music, whether through photos or videos, in a creative and professional way. It's safe to say I fell in love with the art form and I strive to create better content every day.

I've had the opportunity to help a few different bands out by crafting music videos that they can share to the world. It's touching to see people become introduced to a band through a music video I created. I've also been able to help a couple from my hometown create a short video for a job application. The video showcased what the couple had a passion for, the outdoors, and how they shared that passion daily. They loved the video and continue to cherish it. Sharing these passions with people is the best feeling and I constantly want to aid in their artistic expression.

  • Photography
  • Tour Management
  • Camera operator
  • Cinematography
  • Live Visuals
  • Video Director
  • Video Editing
  • Video Grading
  • Video Production