Crouch End, GB
Joined May 2019

I am a freelance Live Events / Portrait Photographer and also a contractor Managing Consultant / Creative Strategist / Customer Success Manager helping small companies up to 20 employees and Artists. I resolve all problems by implementing new solutions within the Operations, Marketing, Sales, Production, Customer Service, Finance and HR departments to ensure the growth and success of the company. I work for companies and artists who are serious about growing and succeeding by delivering a reputable service and ready to get to the next level.

I am skilled at Organisation, Operations / Studio and Production Management, Attention to Details, Client Relationships, Strategy, Resolving Problems, Planning, Research, Presentation, Customer Success, Creative Projects, Branding Artists and companies, Coordinating, Scheduling, Reception, Marketing, Sales, HR and Finance, Photography, Adobe CC, Keynote, Page, MS Office, Google Drive, Capsule CRM, Multi-Tasking, and more.
Over the years I have had extensive work experiences in creative projects, operations management, client relationships, strategic planning and Live Photography. These have given me multiple transferable skills.

• I am always striving for excellence; with every position I had, I am consistently helping the team and company to succeed by leading by example as I am a very hard worker, I work beyond the company expectation, extremely organise with the ability to prioritise. This makes my work efficient and helps to deal with the pressure. 
• I love resolving problems by listening, communicating, analysing, researching, and implementing new solutions. I am a creative thinker, with a strategic mind, good attention to details and always been an innovator. I have always been told that I was very resourceful and “have the vision”. 
• I have extensive client relationship experiences, therefore, I am very confident in liaising and developing a rapport with internal and external contacts. I have high telephone manners and I deliver a worldwide class customer service.

I have been a self-taught photographer since mid-2013. I provide a service for companies and bands to reinforce the quality of their brands. I have done photo shoots for Penn Festival in 2013 and Let’s Rock National in 2014. Been assigned to photo shoot weddings in Mayfair 5-star hotels. I had the opportunity to photograph Russel Crowe at the Shard in 2016 as well as photo shooting Ronaldo and Neymar for a Nike launch in 2018.
• Photo shooting live events such as weddings, conferences, launches, festivals, concerts and more.
• Worked with Nike, Metropolis Studios, Gallup, Black Polar Events, CMC and privately in 5-star hotels such as the Grosvenor House Hotel, Hotel Cafe Royal, The Dorchester Hotel and more.
• I re-designed my website using Wix and created a logo for my business card in 2017.
• Using Canon, Adobe (Photoshop & Lightroom), Mac, Wix and Pages
To see my portfolio and a few of my achievements go Linkedin and my website.

Jan 2016 to Jan 2018 I was a Live Events Photographer for another Photographer/Videographer specialising in Middle Eastern weddings. I was in charge of photo shooting the live events and the families/guests portraits in 5-star hotels Central London such as The Langham Hotel, Lancaster Hotel, Nationally such as the Cardiff City Hall and privately.

I also looked after a musical group called Saffyre based in Ireland in 2016.
• Created an EPK Strategy, website using Wix, mood boards, colours branding, a website data strategy using MS Excel.
• Created clothing styles for the studio photo shoot, future video and gigs/concerts.
• Assisted with all branding strategy such as a new logo.
• Researched for their new video and photo shoot locations, storyboard, decorations and makeup styles.
• In-house Photographer.

I organised several live music events in Canada and France up to 2000 people for 4 years.
• Secured and booked venues.
• Responsible for the operation on sites such as health and safety, VIP areas, decoration, staffs, caterers, and stands. Settings the events.
• Assisted with the research of suppliers and musicians.
• Assisted with advertising, promoting and broadcasting the events.
• Organised staff meeting and assisted with team briefings.

My other personality traits are being very well educated, reliable, trustworthy, serious, friendly, passionate energetic, and flexible. 

I am originally from Paris, however, I have been living in the UK for 20 years now. That is why I am bilingual, French and fluent English. I studied Graphic Design in France for 2 years and did an HND of Textile Design at Amersham College, Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

I have been passionate about Photography, Music, Events and Fashion since my childhood. Branding, Advertising, Media, Strategy, Consultancy, and Management for a long time.

  • Art Direction
  • Brand Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Creative Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Event
  • Styling
  • Director of Photography
  • Management