BELFAST GB March 2018
I'm a UK based graphic artist & designer with 15 years experience, more recently working with digital collage.
  • Creative Direction
  • Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Logo Design
  • Layout Design
  • Package Design
  • Print Design
DeathToDefault for MOLARBEAR
T-Shirt Illustration/Design for metal band MOLARBEAR
personal piece
A series of pieces based on the works of famous mathematicians and physicists. On going project.
DeathToDefault for Dr. Lilt
DR. LILT • A VIPER EP • COVER DESIGN Fueled by a bout of insomnia and an obsession with... more
DeathToDefault for Oxbow
Book design and layout for San Francisco avante garde band OXBOW
4 of Clubs card designed for Playing Arts
Logo and banner design branding for Bad Star Lingerie based on France.
Meatspace Short Story Graphic/Cover
DeathToDefault for THE STABBING HAND
Album artwork for Avant Garde band 'THE STABBING HAND'
DeathToDefault for JOEY FEHRENBACH
Album artwork for Joey Fehrenbach
DeathToDefault for TUSK
Album artwork for metal band 'TUSK'
DeathToDefault for ARKAN ASK
Album Artwork for experimental electronic artist 'ARKAN ASK'
DeathToDefault for ARKAN ASK
Promo graphics and logo for experimental electronic artists 'ARKAN ASK'
DeathToDefault for MOLARBEAR
Album Artwork, promo graphics and tee design for Irish metal band STORKLORD