July 2018
Hello Rabbit is an independent design studio based in East London.

Selected Clients:

Ministry of Sound
Universal Music
Peggy Gou
Nadia Rose
Naked City
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • GIF Animation
  • Motion Graphics Design
  • Illustration
  • Logo Design
  • Typography
  • UX Design
  • Animation
  • Video Editing
hellorabbitdesign for Soulection
Promotional materials for Joe Kay Presents: Future beats, eclectic soul, forgotten gems and... more
hellorabbitdesign for Dom Youdan
Track artwork for Dom Youdan: Addicted to Love
hellorabbitdesign for MK
Packshot and assets for MK x Sonny Fodera track: One Night
MK x Sonny Fodera: One Night
MK x Sonny Fodera: One Night
MK x Sonny Fodera: One Night
hellorabbitdesign for MK
Lyric video for MK and Sonny Fodera's collab 'One Night'
hellorabbitdesign for Alaina Castillo
Artwork for Alaina Castillo's single and upcoming EP 'Antisocial Butterfly'
hellorabbitdesign for Naked City Festival
Illustrations for Naked City festival
hellorabbitdesign for Emily Litta
Single artwork for Emily Litta: Plus One
hellorabbitdesign for DJ Regard
Track artwork for Regard: Ride it. Streamed over 150 million times worldwide.
hellorabbitdesign for TS7
Press shots for TS7's headline Clockworks tour. Design and creative direction by Hello Rabbit... more
hellorabbitdesign for Twin Flame
Twin flame are a DJ/producer duo based in London, with debut releases this year. Here... more
Soulection Presents
Soulection Presents
Soulection Presents
hellorabbitdesign for Joe Kay
Multiple promotional material for The Joe Kay Experience
Branding for Universal's film-based songwriting camp SCREENWRK, inspired by vintage VHS tapes... more
hellorabbitdesign for Peggy Gou
Promotional assets for Peggy Gou Presents: The Pleasure Gardens, featuring Haai, Virgil Abloh and... more
hellorabbitdesign for Various artists
Various cover artwork for the 'track a day' challenge.
BOA promo
BOA promo
BOA promo
hellorabbitdesign for Twenny2
Artwork and promo for Twenny2's debut single 'Better off Alone'
Animated post 01
Animated post 01
Animated post 01
Animated post 02
hellorabbitdesign for Nadia Rose
Promotional material for Nadia Rose's 25th birthday event: 'A Touch Of Green', held at... more