Jane Moorhouse

Islington GB September 2015
Photographer and artist, based in Bloomsbury Central London.

My background is in Fine Art, both sculpture and painting. Over the years my interest in all things visual has led me to photography. I've always been a technician, I enjoy being skilled and I find the transformative power of photographic image making both compelling and motivating.

My photographic tastes are fairly old school - my formative influences were largely based on the trailblazers at Magnum and then widened to include further pioneers, both before and after.

Examples of my photographic work and some of my paintings, (including a portrait I painted of Bernard Purdie in 2010 as part of a personal project of mine and 'Homage to "Pass Out"' a painting I created to celebrate Tinie Tempah's BritAward in 2011, can be seen on my website: janemoorhouse.com.

The website forms an important part of the delivery system I offer. Once I am commissioned and have taken your photographs, I then "process them", colour correct etc., and upload to a private gallery space. They can then be securely accessed, proofed and approved and downloaded directly.

My most recent work has included architecture, interior design, performance, portraiture and headshots; art workshops and the documenting of artworks for exhibition. Food and travel photography in a personal capacity.
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Portrait
  • Scenic
  • Travel