Hemel Hempstead, GB
Joined Jan 2017

James Dingle, Freelance Director .

While continuing to edit for some of the most prestigious directors in the world, I'm steadily building up my own portfolio of directorial credits.
This background helps me compartmentalise and make newfound connections, throughout the process. I find pre-production largely a recruitment exercise, to improve and layer the vision; on set I actively encourage everyone, with infectious enthusiasm, to watch the monitors and take an interest in the detail. I shoot for the edit, making me highly efficient and tactical. Though I wish to say my best direction has been born from well laid plans, it is when I have time to stand quietly in front of the monitor, that the magic fizzes; whether it's turning the steadicam upside down, or doubling the shutter speed and heading outside to film in pouring rain. This is why I've included on-set photos in my showreel.
Lastly, I have free access to extensive loan stores throughout the capital, which helps to balance out that, in general, I prefer to not edit my own direction. Now, let's chat!

vimeo.com/378090443 Showreel P/Word: woodenpost
j.dingle@hotmail.co.uk 075388 37534

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