Manchester, GB
Joined Dec 2019

I am a Greater Manchester based Freelance Graphic Designer with a love of alternative rock and pop punk music. I take a great amount of inspiration from these genres and it definitely comes into play across my design work and the creation of my artwork.
My design style is a product of my surroundings. It is a product of my interests and my influences and it is a product of my personality.
My style is rooted heavily in 'Punk' and 'Grunge'. With a love of gritty overlays and the almost 'DIY' feel of punk artwork, I tend to work heavily with grunge textures, and this strongly reflects my overall sense of design identity and personal flourish.
I am Interested in record sleeve cover art, movie poster graphics and a wide range of experimental techniques and methods. Music is a huge inspiration for a lot of my work, and Punk records and albums are what has influenced me the most.
The world of record sleeve design is something I love to explore both during my studies and in my own time.

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