June 2015
I am a Lithuanian born artist and designer with daring and pioneering work that brazenly explores dark, often taboo subjects. I often explore an internalised darkness with my work, fusing pieces with unspoken emotions. These dark delights are explored through digital manipulation, photography and design and while colourful and energetic, the viewer is challenged and provoked at a cerebral level. Constantly challenging established concepts, I blends the beautiful with the grotesqueries of the mind. Be it through layered canvases with suggested motifs or through fashion collections that flip the traditional notion of dress. As a graduate of the prestigious London College of Fashion in London, I have immersed myself in the melting pot and zeitgeist of city life. With a multitude of skill sets I have deftly put his hand to several stimulating project’s. The 2015 N/E/U/T/E/R=ME capsule collection of unisex pieces explored the concept of individuality through unity. The monochromatic nature of the pieces allowed the wearer to customise and challenge the method of wearing clothes. The masterful use of fabrication and deconstruction exquisitely captures the concept of a genderless state. With each project I will no doubt draw upon common ideals whilst defiantly pushing boundaries. A common trademark of my work is exploration of the unknown, the great frontiers of the universe. We see everyday imagery broken down, repeated, mirrored and dissected resulting in landscapes of alien proportion. Unfamiliar feelings take over and we begin to see the internalised struggles I pour into my work. It is rare to share in the darkness of others, but when we do our own identity is nourished with a greater empathy for the existence of others. Through commission or personal exploration I am not afraid to bare it all, be it my body or soul. My work may on the surface seem playful and joyous, but to the curious eye the macabre, stygian aspects are revealed. Take a moment to allow yourself to swim in the frenzy all the while sinking into the darkness within.
  • Art Direction
  • Design
  • Print Design
  • Painting
  • Styling
  • Merchandise Design