Joined Apr 2015

I Love music, the arts, animals and nature. reading. dance, and humour always helps too, can be light -hearted.
out-going and polite, and can have a love for life.
I like bringing the best out in others rather than this all being of me, i am into words and phrases.
I am good with seeing more than what others may see at first, to bring different a aspect to something, like to take a first look, then a step back and look again.
I like listening to people, ie not listening in on people. can pay attention to detail, also do not mind working in chaos too, like to try find a way to settle the chaos.

please see my Linkedin page for more.

the film although filmed by me, was not edited by me, like to learn to edit or and gain these skills. this came first place in a film competition. and I took a lot of care and thought before doing this.

  • Photography
  • Lyric Videos
  • Video Director
  • Video Production