Lucia Cordero

Berlin DE October 2014

I am spanish illustrator and graphic designer based in Berlin.

My work is mainly focused on music, I works as graphic designer for Ground Control, a music management company for bands like Hinds and The Parrots.
Also I worked with some big artists like Courtney Barnett, Jacco Gardner, Brithish Sea Power, Juan Wauters etc. and made posters for Jagermeister Music Spain. One of my illustrations was published in NME and I made the design of the main stage of Sonorama Ribera festival, the most important spanish indie music festival.
  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Graphics Design
  • Illustration
  • Logo Design
  • Package Design
  • Typography
  • Photography
Lucia Cordero for Clean Perspectives
Illustrations for the festival in Fuerteventura Clean Perspectives
Lucia Cordero for Griz
Concept and design for Grizmas 2018. Campaign by Griz to funraise money for Little Kids Rock... more
Lucia Cordero for Courtney Barnett
Courtney Barnett gig poster for Berlin November 1st  
Lucia Cordero for Los Wallas
Vinyl artwork for Otro Color from Los wallas
Lucia Cordero for The Parrots
Album design for Dee Dee Dangerous from The Parrots
Lucia Cordero for The parrtos
Merchandising t-shirts for The Parrots, Los Nastys and Griz
Lucia Cordero for Weekenders Capm
Concept, branding, design and illustrations for the fictional festival Weekenders Camp
Lucia Cordero for Cobie
Logo and branding for Cobie, spanish Dj
Lucia Cordero for Los Nastys
Concept, design and illustration of Noche de Fantasmas album from Los Nastys + poster
Lucia Cordero for Sonorama
Stage design for Sonorama Rivera main stage
Lucia Cordero for l.a witch
Series of posters for Jagërmusic Spain
Lucia Cordero for Agorazein
Editorial illustrations for the band Agorazein 
Lucia Cordero for Alderson
Cd cover artwork for Alderson sigle Confort Zone
Lucia Cordero for The line of best fit
Series of posters for La Plaza en Verano, organized by Ground Control, Siroco and The line of best... more
Lucia Cordero for Ground Control
Series of illustrated posters for Ground Control Art direction, logo, concept and design by Lucía... more
Lucia Cordero for Ground Control
Series of posters for Ground Control Management. Art direction, logo, concept and design by Lucía... more