May 2018
“No light, but rather darkness visible”

– Paradise lost, John Milton

My images often evoke a melancholic mood through eerie and atmospheric urban scenes and landscapes. As a photographer I am interested in how the aesthetics and formal aspects of an image can elicit a certain mood on the viewer, I have a predilection for night photography where I have the possibility to work with the artificial city lights to enhance contrast and mood on my photos. I am inspired by the aesthetics of Nordic Noir and Cyberpunk genres and the images I produce have a filmic look, as if they were taken from a movie or some on going story. The images points to the presence of human made objects and scenes that either show a single person isolated in their environment, in a moment of silence and harmony, or inhabited urban scenes that reflects the human condition and the impact of technology in the western society.
  • Digital Production
  • Art Direction
  • Night
  • Photography
  • Urban
  • Cinematography
  • Camera operator
  • Director of Photography
  • Video Editing
  • Video Grading