Helsinki FI June 2019
I'm a Brazilian photographer based in Finland, with a huge passion for people. I love shooting portraits, fashion, lifestyle, promotional, arts... you name it, I just love to photographing people.
I'm a musician myself, I have played drums for 23 years, I have played in many bands, I have meet many artists and I do understand very well how the gears turn in the music industry.
I have been shooting for over 6 years now, and a great part of this time I have dedicated to film photography, which is my absolute passion, and I had a chance to work scanning negatives and photos and also doing restorations. I also have been teaching photography for the last 3 years and enjoying every single moment of it!
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Ricawenzel for Rosenfink
I was commissioned by my very good Jarmo Rompanen to shoot Rosenfink's album and promo pictures.... more
Ricawenzel for Musculus
I was commissioned by my friends from Musculus to make the promotional and album pictures for... more