February 2017
Hi I am T, Tom, Thomas. Which ever you prefer. I'm here to collaborate and apply my creative thought process and design based skill set towards your project. Art is my passion and design is my profession so finding the right balance is key for me. Being a 90's child locked me into music from the get go, I've never been great with instruments but have always had a curious ear! So, design was the path I took with the hope that I would get to work with great bands and artists on cool s___

Over the past two years I have been building in house B2C e-commerce platforms to divide up my different ideas, inspirations and creativity. mainly channels my love for music, cult films and the randomness that can pop into my brain. This allows me to develop my skill set via my passions and interest. On a professional level I have spent around 5 years in the field gaining experience in menswear design and commercial graphic design with digital marketing which is all building towards launching my own in house fashion label -

My key purpose to frequent this platform is to discover projects I truly love the sound of and the opportunity to work with amazing creatives within music!

I love British subculture, a huge advocate of Adidas Originals and generally get out of bed for all things art and design! Check out a few examples of my work, check out my sites and let's work!!

Thanks, T!
  • Brand Development
  • Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Hand Lettering
  • Illustration
  • Logo Design
  • Merchandise Design