June 2018
Hey I'm Jack, I'm and animator! For over the last decade I've been working my craft, I'm passionate about using my skills to tell amazing stories in any shape or form.

I like to think I'm true to my namesake as a "Jack of All trades" and have a huge range of skills working in all different animation styles. Typically it's 2d motion graphics, collage or mix media, but I do dabble in everything.
Did I mention I'm a verified Giphy artist? By the way, I'm a verified Giphy artist

I love working short form pieces like adverts, music videos, and even micro pieces like sort 10 second bits for social media or looping animation, I love developing a captivating story in such a short time.

What ever you need, if it's animated, wild, crazy, eye popping, mind blowing, maybe something beautiful, even something horrible if you wanted it, look no further. You've found the craftsman you're looking for.

  • GIF Animation
  • Motion Graphics Design
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Social Media
  • Lyric Videos
  • Video Production
Hobo with an Oboe
Hobo with an Oboe
Hobo with an Oboe
thatpurlingboy for Student film
This is my student film from 2013.  It follows a musical turf war between two buskers, to... more